• Bb cornet, shepherd's crook design
  • Bore size ML
  • 4.8" one piece yellow hand hammered brass bell
  •  Nickel-silver garland
  • Yellow brass leadpipe  
  • Monel piston valves short action
  • Trigger on 1st and 3rd slide
  • Material: brass, nickel-silver
  • Finishing: raw, lacquered, silver or gold plated

G&P "Flora'38" have been designed to incorporate all the features and characteristics players would expect of a top pro instruments, as well as stunning looks italian design is know for. "Flora '38" offers a quick and easy response, and a perfect intonation throughout its entire register.

"Flora'38" is a free-blowing instrument offering an effortless high register, precise intonation and note-centering, and both a sweet, delicate sound in quieter passages and a voluminous, projected one when higher dynamics are required