"FLORA '38"

Key of Bb 

shepherd's crook design

bore ML 0.460”

4.8" one piece yellow brass bell with nickel-silver 'Flora' 


yellow Brass Leadpipe

weight 1,25kg

trigger on 1st and 3rd valve slides

monel pistons valve, short action


Traditional fabrication methods combined with the most modern technologies make every instrument created by G&P a masterpiece of design, mechanics and craftsmanship.
G&P ‘Flora 38’ Cornets are hand-made in Italy and have been designed to incorporate all the features and characteristics players would expect of a top pro instrument, as well as the stunning looks Italian design is known for. The “Flora'38” offers a quick and easy response, and perfect intonation throughout its entire register.
The “Flora'38” is a free-blowing instrument offering an effortless high register, precise intonation and note-centering, and both a sweet, delicate sound in quieter passages and a voluminous, projected one when higher dynamics are required..


The valves are stunningly silent, short action, quick and responsive, and the precise fit between valve casings and pistons means no air leakage.

Hand-formed tubing:
Perfectly rounded yellow brass tubing reduces turbulence and provides a smoother air flow, thus reducing resistance while playing and so enhancing that of the player.

Flora 2-tone bell:
The hand-hammered bell offers the most even vibrations for the warm, sweet timbre brass bands require.